1080P Wifi Solar Battery Powered Security Camera, With Motion Sensor Floodlight Outdoor丨2-Way Audio丨Night Vision丨PIR Motion Sensor.


  • Monitoring battery power. Powered by a solar panel, and two rechargeable lithium batteries, ​can be used when there is sunlight outdoors, and can also powered by USB external charging.
  • Simple and easy to use. Intelligent online audio pair code, LAN search and two-dimensional code scan to add a variety of online mode.No Wire Needed. Intelligence, easy installation and self-sufficiency. Put it anywhere around your property, no power supply needed. This intelligent system promotes property monitoring to a new level. Instant video and audio streams are accessed anytime
  • IP67 waterproof Performance. Waterproof and moistureproof, it can get energy from the light to increase the battery life even in the rain day. Don’t worry the bad weather outside the door. Solar Energy. A day’s sunshine keeps the camera running for 5-6 days. This unparalleled performance is achieved by integrating batteries, solar panel and intelligent standby mode.
  • Remote control. Built-in MIC and speakers, users can be monitored by mobile phone app, and can realize real-time remote video voice intercom. IR-CUT dual filter light switch. Built-in low-power infrared lamps, automatic light supplement at night to ensure that you get the clear quality image in the dark. TF card storage. TF cards can be inserted to store event snapshots and image. Maximum support for 64G storage card cyclic storage. Product support dis-net video.
  • PIR detection and emergence alert. Users can choose to turn on/off the PIR detection alarm function, turn on the PIR detection function, when someone is found to intrude into the monitoring areas, the camera will actively push the alarm information to the user’s mobile phone. User can add multiple cameras to realize multi-device monitoring, or a camera can be monitored simultaneously by multiple users, support up to 4 users to view on line at the same time.
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