What is a Smart Camera?

A smart camera is a camera that not only has recording capabilities but can extract application-specific information as well. Smart cameras can record, collect data, and make decisions based on what it is programmed to do. Home security is a popular use for smart cameras. Whether it’s an outdoor smart camera or an interior smart camera, these technologically advanced devices can be a security asset in any home or business. Often, smart cameras are connected to apps that allow homeowners to have eyes and ears on the ground at all times. A smart camera works around the clock to protect your home so you can have peace of mind.

Interior Smart Camera

An interior smart camera can be used to monitor the inside of your home at all times. It can monitor your home at night, or keep an eye on the nursery throughout the day. The best interior smart cameras give you access to the view inside your home while you’re away via an app and also gives you the ability to record and watch those recorded clips.

AMP interior smart cameras also send video clip alerts to your phone so you can respond to a situation immediately. Gone are the days of living in a studio apartment where you can see the entire house from any given spot. Now that you have a home to protect, it’s not the time to be taking chances.

Outdoor Smart Camera

A live video feed of the outside of your home gives you real-time access to important information on the safety of your home and family. Like interior smart cameras, the best outdoor smart cameras also send video text or email alerts. That way if a problem does arise, you have immediate access to a live outdoor feed. Information is powerful, and an outdoor smart camera puts the power in your hands.

You work hard and an outdoor smart camera helps you protect what matters most. An AMP outdoor smart camera comes with night vision up to 40 ft, weatherproof and UV protection casing, built-in motion sensor technology, and a live feed that can be accessed on a phone or computer.

Common Smart Camera Questions:

Do you need wifi to have a smart camera?

Yes and no. A wireless security camera can run without you purchasing wifi if you invest in an entire wireless smart camera system which comes with wifi VNR of its own. That being said, it is easier and the smart camera has more capabilities connected to your own wifi.

Are Smart Cameras secure?

Yes. Your home security should be enhanced by a smart camera, not jeopardized. Wondering if your camera can be hacked is a common concern. Work to prevent hacking by securing your camera from the start. A smart camera can be secured in a number of ways including buying from a reputable company selling high-quality cameras and taking extra precautions when securing your wifi network. You can secure your wifi network by using a strong password and using WPA2 encryption.

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