What’s New Features?
Wificam Indoor and Outdoor cameras also include the following new features:
Privacy Zones to obscure doorways and shared areas from monitoring. Two specific zones can be blocked out from recorded clips and thumbnail images.Motion clips can be stored either locally on a Sync Module 2, or in cloud storage.
Photo Capture takes images and assembles them into a short clip.
Recording LED can be turned off easily through an app setting.*
Cameras will have the ability to send motion only notifications, without recording videos.*
Compatible with add-on accessories sold separately.

*Also available with Mini cameras.

Limited Warranty vs Extended Warranty
all products offers two types of warranties:
1.The 1-Year Limited (2 years for EU/UK) warranty comes standard with all new devices.
2.The Extended Warranty is provided when you subscribe to a Wificam Plus Plan.

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